Program Description

The Fleet Program is an allowance that GMCL makes available on select passenger cars, vans and light-duty trucks for Dealers to pass on to eligible Fleet customers. It is a key feature and benefit to having a valid Fleet Account Number (FAN) with GM and is designed to assist small commercial customers by providing incentives for their new vehicle purchases for business use.

Eligible Fleet customers are those who have been assigned their own Fleet Account Number ("FAN") which remains in good standing at time of vehicle delivery and who otherwise comply with all rules and guidelines.

Time Period

Fleet Program allowances will be paid on deliveries of all eligible 2011 model year vehicles from the start of production for the 2011 model year to December 31, 2011.

Eligible Models

Most new 2011 model year vehicles are eligible. See your GM Dealer for specific model eligibility.

Program Incentives

See your GM Dealer to determine current incentives

Program Guidelines

A customer is considered a "Fleet Commercial Customer" if they:

  • Have been assigned a Fleet Account Number
  • Would qualify for a Fleet Account Number

Fleet customers approved for the Competitive Assistance Program (CAP) are eligible for the greater of the Fleet Program incentives or the approved CA allowance.

Dealers are required to pass on the total incentive amount received to Fleet customers.

All eligible vehicles delivered under this program must be licensed, titled and retained for use in Canada for not less than six (6) months and accumulate at least 12,000 kilometres, by the first eligible Fleet customer who takes delivery of the vehicle.

Fleet customers certify, as part of their program enrollment, that no vehicles purchased under the Fleet program are being purchased, directly or indirectly, for export, sale or use outside of Canada.

Vehicles that do not meet all program requirements are ineligible.