Environmental Commitment

Environmental commitment

GM is focused on efficient-fuel, hybrid and alternative technologies. Markville Chevrolet offers 12 GM vehicles rated at least 30mpg highway and an on-site vehicle charging station.

Green Vehicles

Green Vehicles

According to Environment Canada, motorized vehicles are one of the most prominent sources of air pollution that is directly linked to negative health effects. That's why we offer 12 vehicles that are rated with at least 30mpg on the highway, and why we are increasingly focusing our attention on more efficient fuel, hybrid, and alternative technologies. With the right lineup of vehicles we can help do our part to reduce vehicle emissions, and improve not only our own health and well-being, but the health and well-being of everyone and everything around us.

On-Site Recharging Stations

Electric Vehicle Charger

GM sees an environmentally friendly future in the automotive industry, and so do we. That's why we offer a hybrid recharging station at our dealership for use by anyone who is as committed to the environment as we are.

Reducing our Use of Printed Materials

According to the EPA, the average office employee uses 10,000 sheets of paper products throughout their life (including bad copies, printed mistakes, and manually distributed correspondences). That's why whenever possible we use any means available to communicate and retain data electronically.