Auto Finance at Markville Chevrolet

  • Whatever your credit situation, good, bad or non-existent, Markville Chevrolet can offer attractive financing options on great new and used vehicles to suit every budget.
  • When you start thinking about purchasing a new or used car, do you immediately start worrying about bad credit?
  • Here at Markville Chevrolet, we have a team of financing experts to help you get a car with bad credit.
  • We know that nothing is more frustrating than finding a car you love and then finding out your credit is too poor to purchase it. We work with you to find the lowest interest rates and the price range you can afford. Don’t get over your head in payments when purchasing your next new or used car; let Markville Chevrolet walk you through financing options to fit your credit needs.

Answering Bad Credit Myths

Myth #1: Bad Credit Means Bad Service

Many people think that having bad credit means no one will want to work with you on financing a vehicle. But Markville Chevrolet knows that just because your credit score has seen tough times doesn’t automatically mean you are a high financing risk. Our team is here to help you build a payment plan that works for you. Their number one priority is getting you in the car you want without putting you at risk for defaulting on your loan. Markville Chevrolet believes in second chances when it comes to your credit score!

Myth #2: You Have to Buy With Cash When You Have Bad Credit

Buying up front with cash is not the only way to get a new or used car when you have bad credit. Markville Chevrolet gives bad credit buyers a variety of payment plan options with low monthly payments so you can buy a nicer, newer vehicle than if you paid with cash.

Myth #3: Bad Credit Means Extremely High Interest Rates

There are many places that will help you finance a vehicle, but don’t forget that all financing options are not created equally. Markville Chevrolet will get you a great interest rate and manageable monthly payments. Pay less for the car, truck, or SUV you want with a financing option from Markville Chevrolet.

Is Financing Right For You?

If you are looking to drive this car, truck, or SUV for more than two or three years and have a longer daily commute, financing is a good choice for purchasing your Markville Chevrolet vehicle. Would you rather trade in every two years with lower mileage usage? Leasing may be more practical for you.

Financing With Markville Chevrolet

The Markville Chevrolet way of obtaining auto loans where credit is an issue has been proven to be successful in several situations, including:

  • Bad/poor Credit
  • Fixed Income
  • Self Employed
  • Collections
  • Previous Bankruptcy
  • New Immigration
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Cash Income
  • Government Income

If financing a new or used vehicle sounds like the right choice in purchasing your next car, give our friendly professionals at Markville Chevrolet a call or stop by our dealership, located at 5336 Highway 7, Markham, ON L3P 1B9.

We can help you get the best loan available, with affordable monthly or bi-weekly payment options and the lowest interest rates around.